Cambridge Film Festival

3-13 September 2015, Various venues, Cambridge

10 September 2015, 11pm
12 September 2015, 3pm
Cambridge Arts Picturehouse

Cambridge Film Festival, in partnership with LUX and the BFI National Archive, presents a specially curated version of the programme THROUGH A GLASS, DARKLY.

The limits of the body and its relationship to media and meaning are explored in these wide-ranging, frequently confrontational works. The Wound by Jill Westwood, a performance artist and filmmaker from the industrial scene, evokes Cocteau’s Orphée within the context of a sadomasochistic relationship. Liquid Video and Passion Trypytch use re-recorded found footage to transcendental effect, while highlighting the fragility of the self and our self-identity.

Jill Westwood, The Wound, 1984, 18 min
Jill Westwood, Skinheads and Roses, 1983, 7 min
Akiko Hada, The Branks, 1982, 7 min
Cerith Wyn Evans & John Maybury, Psychic TV: Unclean, 1984, 9 min
Richard Heslop, 23 Skidoo: F.U.G.I., 1983, 5 min
Michael Kostiff, Liquid Video, 1983, 10 min
Cordelia Swann, Passion Tryptych, 1982, 4 min

The screening on 12 September is presented by William Fowler, Curator of Artists’ Moving Image, BFI National Archive, and artist and filmmaker Jill Westwood.
For more information, please visit the Cambridge Film Festival website.